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*Raise state testing scores while getting students
and teachers to fall in love with literacy.




Hire Kathy to train your teachers in her new writing units that match the Colorado State Standards and New Common Core. With each unit your teachers are trained in, they will receive an entirely mapped curriculum that includes daily lesson plans and assessments. Use the curriculum that helped earn Moffat Middle School in Moffat, Colorado the Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award on two occasions as well as a Center of Excellence Award. Units included: Argument (persuasive essays), Informative (reports and procedures), Narrative (fictional and personal), and Poetry.




Design a tailor made in-service specific to the particular needs of your school. Use your DATA to guide your teachers' next learning steps. Adams State College credit can be arranged for all on-site courses with fifteen hours of contact time with the instructor. Fee includes on-going email and telephone support with the instructor. Combine your in-service with a neighboring school and save on funds.




Sign up any time during the year; study at home; try new learning with your students; send assignments via email; take up to twelve months to finish and earn 3 graduate level credits. Go to, 1. Click on ASU PD online 2. Choose Literacy for four of my courses 3. Choose Instructional Strategies for the Engagement Course . Recertify, raise your pay, and more importantly improve your teaching practice right from the comfort of your own home on your schedule and your time line.

Take any of these courses with a group of teachers and reaction papers will be accepted from the group.




See Kathy's new blog series at Center for the Collaborative Classroom: Engaging the Disengaged (new issues monthly).


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