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Kathy King-Dickman

After 32 years of being paid to be delighted, Kathy King-Dickman has retired from her middle school position to dedicate all of her time to her literacy consulting work.

During her career she has taught many different grade levels of elementary classrooms, Title I Reading, Special Education Resource Room, middle school literacy, and has been a Literacy Coach and Consultant for the past twenty-five years.


She is an instructor for Western State College University's Summer Teacher Institute and teaches courses for Adams State University's Extended Studies Program.  Her presentations at CCIRA fill up within weeks of being advertised and she has presented on two occasions at Richard C. Owen's National Learning Network Literacy Conference.


Honors she has won include Teacher of the Year for three different  school districts, San Luis Valley Teacher of the Year, and San Luis  Valley Teacher of the Month. She is also the recipient of The Elaine Child's Award for Exceptional Contribution to Teaching of Reading.


She has recently published four articles and publishes a regular blog series: Engaging the Disengaged. (


Kathy is a Professional Learning Lead Consultant for The Center for the Collaborative Classroom out of Oakland, CA sharing their literacy program's Making Meaning with Vocabulary, Being a Writer, and Being a Reader with elementary and middle schools around the country.

One question has driven her research from a bush village in Alaska to small communities of Mexican immigrants in Colorado:  Why do some children come to this task we call literacy so easily while others struggle to obtain the most basic of levels?


Kathy King-Dickman